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Customer centric Next Gen Digital Solutions for Process and Chemical Industry

Customer centric Next Gen Digital Solutions for Process and Chemical Industry

Chemical companies are looking to invest significantly in advanced digital platforms that help them expand their global footprint, and help architect a B2C-buying experience. The whitepaper highlights the following facets of this transformation for chemical and process Manufacturers:

  • Companies are using facets of social customer engagement and commerce, but in a fragmented manner. The customer experience must be unified and personalized, without compromising on the needs of the business or margin expectations.
  • The current need is that of a channel that facilitates customer engagement while acting as a growth and innovation engine
  • To maximize returns on digital investment, HCL recommends a holistic digital business model, encompassing the 4 most prevalent B2B channels: Self-owned and operated eCommerce platforms, punchouts to customer procurement systems, selling on online marketplaces and selling though digitally-enabled distributors and agents
  • The digital vision should be aligned with customer experience, business needs, and a scalable IT system
  • After deploying a platform, the focus should be on ensuring a low total cost of ownership (TCO) while also upgrading it according to business needs
  • Leveraging the right products will optimize processes, resulting in a low TCO

HCL’s solution aims at a 10-15% increase in speed to market, 15% growth in revenue, more than 15% improvement in the reuse factor, and 10-15% reduction in content production costs.

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