Redefining Business Operations with Integrated Automation in GRC | HCL Whitepaper


Rising competition in the global marketplace is pushing organizations to embrace digitalization at a frantic pace. As global enterprises deploy advanced technologies like cognitive and artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and robotic process automation, their risk management and compliance obligations will continue to expand. However, the combination of large enterprise systems with advanced data-driven technologies makes staying compliant a highly challenging and complicated task.

Transforming an organization’s existing governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) framework is easier said than done. What are the challenges that organizations face? How do organizations get to a place where a unified GRC solution keeps them secure, compliant, and efficient?

Our Cybersecurity whitepaper attempts at answering these questions. Read on to know more.

Written By Jatin Arora - Associate Director, Practice CyberSecurity 

Co-Authored by - Abhishek Ramavat , General Manager & GRC Evangelist, HCL