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Building High Performance big data and analytics systems

Building High Performance big data and analytics systems

Big Data and Analytics systems are fast emerging as one of the critical system in an organization’s IT Environment. But with such huge amount of data, comes performance challenges. If Big Data systems cannot be used to make or forecast critical business decisions, or provide the insights into business values, hidden under huge amount of data, at the right time, then these systems lose their relevance.

Big Data systems are generally considered to have five main characteristics of data, commonly called 5 Vs of data. These are Volume, Variety and Velocity, Veracity and Value. Big data systems can provide huge business Value. Industries and organizations like telecom, finance-commerce, social media and collaboration, and many more, see their data as a huge business opportunities. They can get insights into user behavior and provide recommendations for relevant products, can generate alert for possible fraud transactions and so on.

This whitepaper throws light on some of the critical performance considerations, in a technology agnostic way. It talks about some techniques or guidelines, which can be used, during different phases of a big data system.

Download the whitepaper to know more.

Download the whitepaper