To leverage the true potential of digitalization, organizations must move from surface-level strategies to cloud-based solutions that support continuous delivery and drive overall business growth. However, organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to leverage their existing cloud strategies to drive scalability, innovation and flexibility – to thrive in the fast-changing marketplace. The bottleneck is the short-sighted approach to migrating apps on a cloud platform.

To achieve a successful cloud adoption, there are two elements to look out for: a foundation that is cloud-native and a contemporary work culture, one where enterprises approach a more modernistic work process, structure and delivery model. As the transformation continues to take place at a swift pace, businesses need to move to a partner who has the right infrastructure and tools to support and drive growth, innovation, react faster to market changes and take a quantum leap in customer experiences.

HCL’s Digital & Analytics practice helps enterprises with complex heterogeneous application landscapes, through their digital transformation journey to cloud platforms. HCL’s unique “Full Spectrum” partnership with Pivotal enables it to execute customer’s Cloud & Modernization strategy by combining Pivotal’s AppTx approach with HCL’s “Scale Digital” offerings. Read the whitepaper to know more.