Building a digital organization: It's in the DNA! | HCL Whitepaper

Building a digital organization: It's in the DNA!

In the midst of a digital revolution, organizations face the challenge of staying relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape. Making the shift to digital throws up some challenges; however, there are some common elements which leaders share that can make the transformation a success. One of the factors contributing to a favorable shift is leadership that embraces an interactive, innovative, and informative approach. While this might help growth, it also allows for a more agile, network-like structure that throws open the doors to better dialogue and responsiveness. An organization that works cohesively can more productively and speedily take decisions that ultimately affect the outcome of the product, which in turn reflects in customer satisfaction. Although being digital is about using data to make better and faster decisions, it is important to remember that the customer comes first and a customer-centric mindset is a critical aspect to going digital. While identifying the right people, with the appropriate skills can contribute to an enterprise’s success, the culture within the organization can play a significant role in the way decisions are taken and is still one of the primary reasons why undertakings fail. 

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