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Intelligent Integrations with Workato

In their quest for digital transformation, modern enterprises typically house a diverse set of applications in their landscape, ranging from SaaS applications, IoT devices, mobile applications, legacy applications, ETL/ELT systems, and many others. Adopting an overarching intelligent platform that covers iPaaS, hybrid Integration, and intelligent automation can help enterprises provision secure data, tie in the underlying systems and applications seamlessly and to glean out meaningful data insights to power decision making. All this with greater flexibility, scalability, and reusability, besides enabling modernization of legacy systems through their API’ficiation.

In reality, there are so many platforms catering to niche areas in the integration/automation spectrum and investing in such siloed platforms for separate use cases won't give healthy ROI to any enterprise. In this whitepaper, we will analyse how HCLTech and Workato as global alliance partners, are helping mutual clients drive end-to-end digital transformation through hyper-automation using enterprise grade integration and automation platform from Workato. Download to know more.

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