People have been writing obituaries of mainframes for decades now. Unfazed by all the naysayers, Mainframes, the work horse of large enterprises have been quietly chugging away tons of computing workload for decades, without much fanfare. IBM sales figures indicate that mainframes are in fact thriving not just surviving. Mainframes typically handle large workloads whether it is data processing, transaction processing, or being the systems of record. The larger the workload, the more cost effective they are. At high workloads they become the cheapest, most reliable, and most available systems out there. In addition, a mainframe typically runs at close to 100% CPU efficiency whereas most intel-based server farms perform below 60% utilization which means better returns on the capital expenditure.

The mainframe platform is here to stay. The current IBM sales figures indicate that the platform is thriving with more and more processing power being added. IBM continues to enhance the platform bringing in new technologies with innovations such as cloud, DevOps, and Open source software platform being some of them. Read the whitepaper to understand mainframe's history and its newer trends, the current mainframe footprint, its market segmentation, how enterprises are adopting mainframes and much more.