The world of advertising has undergone a sea change. “Real-Time Bidding” has made the ad ecosystem a lot more transparent and has facilitated the publishers and advertisers to get more bang for their invested buck!
However, while RTB is a progressive evolution in the ad landscape, it is not yet the “full proof” model that we aspire for.

For instance, absence of “real time targeting”, the rampant proliferation of “fake publishers” and “ad bots”, the growth of numerous intermediaries (which has diluted transparency) etc. are large gaping holes on the fancy fresco of Digital Advertisement.

This is where this paper endeavours to explore possible solutions to make the programmatic ad ecosystem more robust and efficient. Intelligent web analytics for better targeting,  blockchain technology to thwart the proliferation of ad bots  and the creation of a “single production workflow” that can aid economies of scale are some of the recommendations that the author makes to take the RTB evolution to the next level.