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Scaling DevOps: Stateless Jenkins using Kubernetes

Organizations are constantly operating to build high-quality solutions with optimal user experience to stay ahead in the competition. The need to respond to ever dynamic business requirements has impacted the application development lifecycle and the way an existing tool or infrastructure is hosted. To stay relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape, enterprises have also transformed the ways of working from traditional waterfall methodologies to agile methodologies. Adoption of the Cloud has helped in establishing an infrastructure that is scalable and fault-tolerant. Containerization of an application into a lightweight executable has also simplified and accelerated the process of deployment and configuration. Continuous integration, delivery, testing, monitoring, and deployment helps in early testing, error detection and resolution, and automates deployment & rollback.

This whitepaper discusses how we can build a scalable infrastructure that can host applications and the tools that aid its development by deploying a CI/CD orchestration tool like Jenkins and being managed in a container orchestration platform like Kubernetes to deploy and scale containerized applications.

To learn more, read the detailed whitepaper.

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