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5G 101 series: Spectrum Allocation, Challenges & use cases

There are many drivers behind the evolution and engineering of the much-talked-about 5G. Now that many operators and vendors have collaboratively started deploying 5G, the use cases and benefits are becoming more and more apparent. Gigabits of speed, latency in the scale of microseconds, augmented/virtual reality, connecting billions of devices, the richness in content and user experience is all over the media, and discussion forums.

The idea of this paper is to shift the focus from the ‘content’ to the ‘medium’ that delivers this content – the ‘Spectrum’. This paper tries to bring out what happens ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak - of the years of research and collaborative study done by international bodies, that form the bedrock of making 5G a possibility. The paper is delivered in PowerPoint style -‘F5’ mode- as there are more viewgraphs & citations and textual explanations are minimized to keep a check on the length of the paper. 

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