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Automation in Modern and Future Networks-A Perspective

The constant flux in the networking space with a never-seen before array of choices in terms of network types or network management offers, flexibility to the Service providers and the Enterprises, and in turn equips them to reap the benefits from novel customer use-cases.

But none of it happens without a Holistic Network Automation mechanism which happens under the hood.Everything right from the minute details like network device configuration, the method of configuration, right up to the method of orchestrating a complex network service which comprises of multitude such network elements and devices has evolved beyond recognition. The flux in what standard bodies suggest and the difficulties in realizing the full fruits of those recommendations creates a scope for resource mis-handling at the least and service failure at the worst.

Thus herein the whitepaper we look at the pulse of the evolution and the innovation, the pitfalls of it, and the way around those problems while still being conformant to the standards, as much as possible.

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