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Automotive RADAR Design @ 77GHz

Automotive RADAR Design @ 77GHz

Radio detection and ranging (RADAR) is a technique to detect moving objects based on radio waves. It is based on the device transmitting radio waves that get reflected back by the object in its path. The time to receive the reflected wave is an indication of the distance of the object from the device. Information about velocity and direction of the moving object can also be obtained from the received wave. It is largely used in avionics to monitor control air traffic, but finds increasing use in other transportation sectors too. It is used in automobiles to determine the distance, velocity, and direction of objects for collision avoidance, automatic cruise control, or lane change assist. The radio frequency is in MHz range for avionics radar, but in automotive radar, it is in GHz range.

The objective of this paper is to describe the principles of automotive radar operation and at a high level describe the Hardware, Antenna design, and application software that goes into such devices. Read full whitepaper to know more: