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Demystifying Embedded DevOps, Challenges & Solutions

DevOps has come a long way and is taking center stage in the world of software development in every industry vertical. With the ever emerging and changing technology trends, there is stiff competition, and every companies want to thrive and outrank their competitors. Companies want to release features to the market as soon as possible. They want to fail and learn as fast as possible to gain real insights on what works and what does not. For that, they need to

  • Create build pipelines that have strong quality gates
  • Continuously deploying new build to devices/ boards
  • Run automated tests on host devices.

This can be done quickly by adopting the practices and tools of DevOps. DevOps involves agile practices and eliminates bottlenecks, making software delivery as smooth and easy as possible. Hence, every software-powered company nowadays needs to embrace DevOps. Download whitepaper to continue reading.

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