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Digital Transformation Value Chain: Enhancing Customer Experience

Digital Transformation Value Chain: Enhancing Customer Experience

The Telecom industry has witnessed an onslaught of aggressive transformation, driven by a plethora of ‘Disruptive trends’ – over-the-top (OTT) players bringing in a fresh wave of competition, altered Opex and

Capex scenarios, the rise of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), the emergence of Cloud Computing, Mobile Advertising, and the Big Data phenomenon. These have also significantly impacted Customer Experience (CE) metrics and measuring standards.

Telcos, once a highly self-contained and regulated industry, cannot therefore stay insulated from the digitization-wave. New non-traditional organizations are entering the industry, offering reduced cost-landscapes and a worldwide reach. The roles of traditional communications, broadcast, and IT industries, are converging into a singular whole, resulting in the emergence of a radically different business model.

Major challenges faced by Telcos:

  1. Increasing data usage over voice
  2. Large scale commoditization
  3. New approach from ‘quality of service’ to ‘customer experience’

In their quest to revitalize customer experiences, the telecom industry must look beyond mere front-end user interfacing systems and engineer a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

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