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Evolution of OSS and Orchestrator

The Operational Support System is the key components managing the networks of network operators and service providers. With network disruption driven by SDN/NFV and cloud technologies, OSS functionality evolved into orchestrators. Many standardization efforts are being made for orchestrators; such as ETSI published the MANO architecture and TMForum and MEF collaborated to release the specifications for management of dynamic network services. These standards at present are evolving. However, the OEM’s and SP’s are already in progress to update their orchestrator portfolio’s with few variance and similarities in their concepts, such as Next Generation OSS, Multi domain orchestrator, Multi-layer orchestrators and Model driven orchestration. Segregated multiple networks and partner domains managed by varied orchestrators needs to be integrated for seamless delivery of agile network services across domains. This whitepaper discusses the standard bodies those are publishing the specifications and API’s; followed by integration services we offer to deliver the dynamic and agile networks and network services. The whitepaper asserts the deployment of hierarchal orchestrator and integration of multi orchestrator’s and SDN/SD-WAN controllers at its southbound interface to deliver services across the network domains. The future 5G network will take these to next level where overlays could be dynamically orchestrated by the dynamic slice orchestration capabilities of these orchestration systems.   

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