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IP Partnership:A Disruptive Business Innovation

Business environment has never been more agile than what we witness today. The new era of digitization and shrinking product lifecycle are offering new opportunities as well as challenges for both Engineering Service Providers (ESPs) and Enterprises including Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Enterprises and ISVs now expect new-age ESPs to move beyond the traditional labour arbitrage or incremental revenue growth advantage. They expect ESPs to collaborate with them not like a service provider, but as partner - and invest in risks and business challenges offered by the overall market ecosystem. ESPs are also evolving rapidly and offering innovative business models to address changing expectations of ISVs. IP Partnership is one such business model that offer compelling win-win opportunity both for the ISV as well as the ESP. 

Business models have evolved over time to remain adaptable to harness opportunities and transform the way businesses are steered, executed and grown.  The emergence of Intellectual Property Partnership (IPP) is one such a non-linear business driver for growth. This Whitepaper studies and discuss how IPP business model disrupts the growth for both ISV and ESP.

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