In today’s scenario Embedded Products are tested in production environment mostly by Humans. Normally, Embedded devices range from simple functional devices to complex ones. Simple embedded products that are manufactured are randomly selected in production environment for testing whereas complex products are individually tested in the production environment before goes into the market. This requires humongous human effort and also required to run the entire test suite on these products. The limitation includes huge manpower budget, limited working hours by the chosen human, fatigue, Human Error, etc.

We propose automated testing of these complex functionality products using a low-cost 3 Axis Robotic Arm infused with cognitive capability. We used open source software to develop this solution and no proprietary software is used in this automation solution.The entire solution runs on GNU/Linux which is an open source. The cognitive portion is achieved using modified Tesseract OCR algorithm, again an open source component. We believe that this automated test solution improves the productivity in the Embedded Devices Production environment.