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The Need for an Open Source Robotics Kernel

The Need for an Open Source Robotics Kernel

Since its inception, Linux has seen development in leaps and bounds, leading to the emergence of a range of new Operations Systems, and also of the Open Source community. Robotics, on the other hand, is still a struggling field, with the smartest (and the costliest) robot still managing to do only a handful of tasks, like motion, pick and place, and in extreme cases, catch a throwing ball.

The idea of Robots predates Linux, but still Robot enthusiasts struggle for elementary resources. This paper talks about making an effort to overcome at least some of the challenges faced by Roboticists around the world, and to facilitate incremental development of Robotics algorithms, instead of struggling to reinvent the wheel.

To explore the option of developing Open Source Robotics Kernel as solution, read full whitepaper.