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NLP-based parser for Network CLI Automation

The Whitepaper proposes a NLP based parser design for Network CLI automation. The objective is to reduce automation costs (development & maintenance), reduce downtime due to CLI changes, and hence increase the effectiveness & quality of automation & testing.

The present paper proposes an NLP based parser design, adopting basic NLP constructs and libraries. The new parser is agnostic of CLI output variations due to equipment vendor, product, software releases. The approach differs from a pattern library based traditional parser design, which requires a parser for each CLI output & has high maintenance costs. As the new design focusses on common patterns in a CLI output, based on its CLI structure, it reduces the need for writing separate parsers for each CLI variation. Hence it greatly reduces the automation development, maintenance efforts and increase the effectiveness of the testing of the products. Download whitepaper to know more.

Download the Whitepaper