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OpenID: A decentralized authentication protocol

OpenID: A decentralized authentication protocol

With growing need for internet security and web authentication, OpenID has come out as reliable solution. It is an open standard and distributed authentication protocol which has become a very popular authentication tool for the web community. It allows users to be authenticated by co-operating sites, also known as Relying Parties or RP, using a third party service.

With over one billion OpenID enabled user accounts and over 60,000 websites accepting OpenID for logins, OpenID is rapidly gaining popularity on the web. It eliminated the need for web applications to provide their own ad hoc login systems, and allowed users to login to multiple unrelated websites without having to have a separate identity and password for each.

It’s like a key to the entire Internet. The user can associate other information like name and e-mail address too making OpenID a very reliable tool for a WEB API provider for authentication.

Read the whitepaper to know more on OpenId and its benefits.