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Opensource CAE Tools and their implementation for Industrial purpose

Although the term Open-source has been initially used in software development, this term is now used commonly in all other fields – Opensource projects, open exchange, transparency, community-oriented development. The advantage of Open source tools is that they serve as low cost alternatives to commercial tools available in market and do not have any restriction on usage. The source code of these open-source softwares are made open to the public. So, anyone can inspect it, modify it and thus enhance it in a better way or can customize it to their particular way.

One important rule in the world of Open source is that any modified or enhanced source code should be shared back to the community. Many volunteers and passion driven open-source loving scientists & engineers with the common goal of open-source applications in the applied science, research & engineering projects have developed many free/open-source software programs. The open-source domain has spread it’s wing in the Computer-Aided-Engineering sector too. With these open-source software, any personal computer can be converted into an open engineering development workstation.

This paper lists out and describes the usage of Open Source tools, specifically in the CAE domain in the process of learning and development of young engineers. By implementing these Free & Open-Source CAE softwares in the industrial applications, a company can achieve huge cost-cutting in terms of training fresh interns. Download this whitepaper to continue reading.

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