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An Overview of REACH in Medical Devices

An Overview of REACH in Medical Devices

The world we live in now is filled with dangerous and toxic chemicals which can cause serious problems to people on exposure. There is no sufficient information yet about the amount of substances present, which may lead to a series of unknown hazards that may cause risk to the human health and environment. The Medical Devices industries need to take ownership of assessing and managing the risks which are posed by the chemical substances.


To ensure protection for human health and the environment, the REACH legislation (EC)/ 1907/2006 was implemented by European Commission and which entered into force in 2007 replacing the former legislative framework for chemicals in the EU. As a part of REACH legislation, medical device and other manufacturers need to provide the safety information of the chemicals to a wide variety of users.,

This whitepaper provides an overview of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of chemicals), the usage of chemical substances in healthcare and the effects of chemicals to human health and environment.

Read more to explore the implications and benefits of REACH implementation, particularly for healthcare and how HCL can help medical device industries.

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