RAN Intelligent Controller(RIC) : Additional Possibilities | HCLTech

RAN Intelligent Controller(RIC) additional possibilities talks about in very brief about current implementation of ORAN RIC and along with this it also covers architecture of ORAN and its components. Since the whitepaper covers the aspect of RIC which is very important component of ORAN. RIC is sub divided as Non RT RIC and Near RT RIC. Both the RICs have different aspects to cover. Where Non RT covers on policy management, RAN Analytics, model training and rApps and Near RT covers time sensitive applications. Near RT is micro service based platform for hosting applications which we call as xApps. Near RT RIC has additional set of components which control and manages the handling of exchanges of messages between Near RT, Non RT and E2 nodes. Near RT has exposed A1,O1 and E2  interfaces for communication from Non RT and E2 nodes. Near RT RIC has lot of possibilities where we can work on creating ideas in the form of xApps. There are various xApps already available to be deployed. Along with this we have various ideas on creating new xApps/rApps as part of ORAN platform. In this whitepaper we will be discussing on the additional set of use cases ideas. These use case ideas can be implemented using AI/ML algorithms that can help to have intelligence on xApp level which can help to xApp to take some basic decisions based on the data collected.

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