Securing Containers-A Pragmatic Approach | HCLTech

Organizations have started using Containers heavily to provide competitive differentiation, accelerated delivery, increased operational velocity combined with reduced development and operations costs. As more and more organizations are adopting application container technologies to quickly build & ramp up new services & applications, Containers are presenting significant security risks. Security vulnerabilities present in container based eco system such as, Container images, Container runtime environments and the host operating system pose several challenges. Not having a right container security strategy was the topmost challenge enterprises face today. Enterprises are trying to adopt various Container Security Strategies to address these Challenges. It is difficult for organizations to decide whether to adopt a third-party Solution or build their own. This whitepaper "Securing Containers: Pragmatic Approach" discusses about various challenges faced by Enterprises in implementing a Container Security Strategy and helps in Choosing the right strategy that is suitable to their container security needs. It also provides customers a glimpse of Open-Source solutions available to implement Container Security at various stages and how HCLTech’s Docker Jockey (DoJo) can help in adopting Shift-Left approach in implementing Container Security and to identify & fix issues early in Development Cycle.

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