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Sleep Detecting Smartphone Gadget using EEG

Sleep Detecting Smartphone Gadget using EEG

Sleep is a natural phenomenon that almost all animals require for normal functioning, both physically and mentally. Sleep is a highly structured and organized process that is characterized by reduced motor activity, decreased response to stimulation, stereotypic postures, and relatively easy reversibility.

In everyday life, prolonged wakefulness is quite common among individuals leading to sleep deprivation. The dangers of sleep deprivation are apparent on the road where accidents happen due to driver’s sleep deprivation. Microsleeps, which occur due to significant sleep deprivation, are the main reason in many of these cases.As solution to this problem, there are a few commercial sleep detection devices available in the market. They are mainly targeting the drivers to reduce accidents due to driver fatigue. These methods are, however, very slow in their response.

The objective of this white paper is to devise a wearable medical device gadget that can sense the sleepiness of the human wearing it and to inform that he/she requires sleep. Such EEG based device has the advantage over others that these are quite faster in response detecting sleep early.

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