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Streamlined Authentication Multiple Service Providers

Streamlined Authentication Multiple Service Providers

When an application requires secure integration with multiple service providers, authentication is crucial. Standardizing protocols and data exchange between application as well as authentication of providers and service providers is also imperative.

Therefore, a streamlined mechanism is necessary across the authentication providers, while integrating the application. Authentication is the process of verifying credentials before allowing a user to access a protected resource. Authentication service providers possess their own internal basic authentication type, validating the user id and password against their Data store.

Their solutions provide convenient, secure, and cloud / non-cloud based two-factor user authentication for protecting online identities and interactions between consumers, business partners, and employees.

A service provider (SP) is a company that provides organizations with consulting, finance, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage, processing, and other services.

Authentication, Authentication Service Providers, and Service Providers work together for smoothened authentication related functionalities by exchanging information in a secured way.