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Usability Engineering

Usability Engineering

The interaction between people and medical devices are comparatively increasing and devices may be used for the purpose of observation or to treat the patients. It is important that we understand the relationship between human and machine, which plays a critical role in the Usability of medical devices.

Usability engineering, also called as human factors engineering, is nothing but the interaction between the user and the user interface of the medical devices. If the medical devices are not used effectively or incorrect use of the user interface may result in Use errors. Use errors caused by inadequate medical device usability have become an increasing cause for concern. Usability engineering or human factors engineering is playing an important role these days because many of the medical device products were developed without applying a usability engineering process (Legacy Products).

This paper provides an overview of usability engineering (UOUP- User Interface of Unknown Provenance). It also covers the benets and challenges resulting from conformance to this standard, and it provides the brief solution through HCLTech’s business model for medical device industries.

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