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Whitepaper on Board Level Automation Testing - BLAT

Whitepaper on Board Level Automation Testing - BLAT

Embedded system is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Engineering a working and bug-less product is one of the major challenges in this field. To make such a product, the software and hardware of the product should undergo various testing during development and at the product level.

Testing the software and signals of the embedded hardware in any vertical like Aero, Automotive, Medical, Consumer, Industrial, etc., at the development level, is a time consuming and critical task. It needs:

  • To use lab infrastructure that is manually run.
  • Testers to set configuration in each equipment before execution of the test
  • Testers to move around to connect or disconnect cables in lab testing
  • Testers to be educated/trained to use the equipment in the lab
  • Lesser automation coverage when lab equipment are involved

This paper focuses on the board level testing challenges and the automation testing solution to overcome the same. Read full whitepaper to explore various benefits of using board level automation testing.