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LTE – With a Walk to Small Cell

LTE – With a Walk to Small Cell

As LTE is being recognized as a 4G technology fulfilling the requirements of IMT-advanced fourth generation mobile networks, it is not a smooth sweep for the operators and telecom service providers. It is also being envisaged with challenges and limitations in terms of technological moves and related capital and operational expenditures. Even as it is enabling data-hungry devices with high-speed wireless broadband access, it is over-stressing the back haul networks and putting technological constraints on the radio side, compelling operators to require more capital and operational expenditures. In continuation of finding feasible solutions, the small cell concept is being embraced by consortiums of vendors, service providers and technological solution providers. They’re not only being embraced as fundamental elements of LTE networks, but also creating innovative solutions to help the service provider to address their ARPU improvements.

The small cell concept is not new with LTE, but already there with 3G, and the stunning aspect of the technology endorsement is that per the announcement made in June 2011 at the small cell conference, there were more 3G femtocells in operator networks globally than 3G macrocells.

LTE is becoming prominent technology, and being seen as a widespread applicability, specifically in LTE-Advance technological scenarios. The progress is visible through the observations that a lot of collaborated activities through small cell forums, etc., are being focused to LTE and falling to 3G technologies subsequently.