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Universal Adapters for Remote Monitoring

Universal Adapters for Remote Monitoring

Field devices like transmitters, valves or drives use smart communication protocols such as Fieldbus and Profibus to communicate with control systems/servers. End users like refineries usually end up buying devices with different communication protocols, as a single vendor or a single protocol is not able to satisfy all their requirements. Adding to this are wireless devices. This leads to a situation requiring end users to have technical expertise in each of devices, interpreting their diagnostics and maintaining the devices. A common platform covering the most commonly used wired and wireless devices would be of immense help to operators and technicians. 

Field Device Tool (FDT) and Fieldbus Remote Operation Management (Fieldbus ROM), when used together, can fill that gap and can read data from most current field devices. This paper describes a universal gateway using FDT and Fieldbus ROM. 

Note: This paper is not intended to describe FDT or Fieldbus ROM technology, but how these can be leveraged for a realistic situation.