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WebRTC – Revolutionizing Unified Communication

WebRTC – Revolutionizing Unified Communication

Google bought GIPS (Global IP Solutions) on May 18th 2010 for $68.2 million, and along with it came the real-time voice and video engines which it leveraged to commence the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) project. It created a set of java script APIs which could be used by web browsers and web application developers, literally opening up the technology for millions of developers to encourage innovation.

Google created the WebRTC by picking up the components from GIPS, then open sourced it under a BSD license. Open sourcing made it possible for the engineers to reuse and modify WebRTC, allowing the creation of multiple derivatives. Google then took it up with the W3C and IETF standards bodies to get WebRTC standardized to accelerate the adoption process worldwide.