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Active Shimmy Damping for Cantilevered Main Landing Gear

Shimmy is a condition of self-excited oscillations that can occur in any wheeled vehicle. This is one of the most pressing issues with two wheeled cantilever type MLG as it has the least provisions for arresting these inherent instabilities. The paper talks about Active shimmy damping for cantilevered MLG of passenger aircraft for more effective damping, independent of all variables and dependencies. It mainly addresses the avoidance of shimmy events of the MLG (2-wheeled cantilever type) and possible solutions to eradicate it by coming up with an active closed loop damping system. This system will help in achieving critical damping to the vibration forces generated between the torque links. This active system can enhance the reliability of the Landing gear joints and improve the flight safety. Download the whitepaper to know more.

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