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ATAiSpec2200 Component Maintenance Manual Quality Checker

Quality checking of CMMs which ranges from 50 pages to 300 pages, are tedious and prone to overlook. Formatting and syntax errors are bound to occur, and the usage of automated quality checking tool will help to avoid. Parikshya is an Automated Quality Checker tool which can be used for the checking Component maintenance manuals adhering to ATA 100, ATAiPSec2200 and S1000D aviation publications standards.

 This tool enables to increase the Quality of the CMMs by ensuring elimination of Human errors. Tool not only helps to reduce checking time but also helps less trained Engineers to perform Quality checks.

This tool can be extended to be compatible with FrameMaker, MSWord, or any other authoring tools. As this framework is generic it can be customized for any customer specific requirements. The tool is simple to use and, on the run, helps to fix all the issues reported during the run and can be saved as XML file. It also generates error reports which can be analysed further. Download whitepaper to continue reading.

Download the Whitepaper