Smart phones have become a necessity now rather than an accessory. Every moment of life is shared on social networks like Facebook and Instagram and all queries are routed via google. All these applications and their data are managed by the IT systems hosted in thousands of data centers around the world.

The data centers need to be maintained in an utmost optimized state, in order to provide uninterrupted service to the consumers. To achieve this goal, the monitoring solutions need to gather system statistics, health and performance data from each and every component across the technology stack. With the data centers scaling in size at frantic rates, there needs to a shift in the approach that is taken towards monitoring them.

Agentless Monitoring empowers the monitoring solutions with the ability to manage thousands of systems remotely from a single Collection Agent, without deploying any kind of application on them. For the Agentless Monitoring solutions to be really valuable, maximum number of target systems should be monitored by least number of Collection Agents. For this, it is extremely vital that the solutions be highly scalable.

This paper will attempt to cover the technologies that are widely used in Agentless Monitoring universe and also the best practices for designing a scalable monitoring solution. In the end we will try to utilize these best practices for designing a potentially high scalable Agentless Monitoring solution.