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Changing Chip Landscape

We are in a wild ride of digitally connected world where the silicon chip permeates everything around us. From smart phones, computers, laptops, printers, television sets, airplanes, trains, air conditioners and in many others, Semiconductor industry has played a pivotal role as backbone of these advancements. With increase in Semiconductor investments across Telecom OEMs, Service providers, Hyperscaler, online companies in addition to traditional semi companies, it is very clear that the pace at which this industry will innovate in next few years will be unprecedented. This industry is known for packaging big processing power into smaller chips and we will see multifold increase in number of chips in next few years as they are poised to bring exciting use cases such as edge data centers, smart cities, autonomous cars, drones, etc.

In a digitally connected ecosystem, the rapid technological advancements have opened new gates for innovation in chip industry as now these chips need to drive greater efficiencies with reduced costs along with supporting emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing.  These advancements will push the semiconductor industry to think much beyond of simply selling chips but as to how they can collaborate with different verticals and work in unlocking new revenue streams by exploring new business models.

Our whitepaper “Changing Chip Landscape” focuses on how the various emerging market trends - mergers and acquisitions, evolving startups, in house chip development by various cloud providers, OEMS and technological trends – Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, silicon photonics, quantum computing are helping the semiconductor industry to gear towards a big boom of this digitalized i.e connected AI world. Let us embark on this journey of technological innovation and witness a new silicon world.

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