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Configuration Management in Microservices

Microservices configuration management is a process of tracking changes to microservices and their consuming applications over time. Centralized configuration is a critical requirement for distributed cloud-native microservices applications. Unlike a monolithic app in which everything runs within a single instance, a cloud-native application consists of independent services distributed across containers, virtual machines, and various geographic regions.

Managing configuration settings for multiple interdependent services can be challenging. Although one of the major objectives of a microservice system is decentralized services, few parts still need to be centralized to ease the deployment process. Centralized configuration is a universal location where all microservices can pick their specific configurations to help them run smoothly. Configuration must be stored externally from the application and read-in as needed. This whitepaper talks in detail about the need of configuration management for Microservices, the problem statements for configuration management in Microservices and the solutions for each of the problem statements. Download whitepaper to continue reading.

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