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Control Systems Algorithm Implementation in Automotive Systems-A review

Automotive sector is an evergreen field in industrial market and it requires a lot of attention from Technical and business leaders. Automotive sector is broadly classified into three categories such as Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Off-highway vehicles. Although all these categories are different with respect to applications, fundamentally they are similar in baseline architecture and functions. However, main control functions and system design are varied between these vehicles based on the duty, roads, speed and torque requirements, etc., Hence, it is very important to understand the system architecture involved in each category and to select the appropriate control algorithm in order to achieve the system requirements without deviations.

This paper gives the overview of Control Systems Algorithms selection, Modeling, Implementation and testing for different vehicles.In this paper, all major control algorithms which are applied in Passenger and commercial vehicles have been mentioned and explained. This aim of this paper is to make all of our embedded software engineers to understand the control logic and functions flashing on application layer of embedded software architecture.

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