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The Design Disposition

This paper aims to accentuate the significance of the latest graphic design trends and how it can help the graphic designers create amazing solutions. The start of a new decade embarks upon new thinking and innovative approaches to the fore. The Graphic Design trends have always been deeply admired as well as closely followed by the UX and non-UX fraternity. Irrespective of the chosen medium, recognizing and accepting changing styles in design, allow designers to keep work up to date, thereby resonating with the end users.I have deep-dived into this subject and researched some of the latest trends, which are expected to influence graphic designer’s style of work. Several design trends, which are predicted to be used by designers are: 3D Design and Typography, Uneven Layouts, Art Deco, Contemporary Mid-Century Modern, Progression of Duotones and Gradients, Warm & Subdued Color Palettes for Photos, Custom Lit-Up Illustrations, Tailored Typefaces, Candid Compositions, Isometric Design, Realistic cum Flat Design, Pleasing Flowing Shapes & Lines, Custom made Animations & Branded Logos, Compelling Typographic Focal Points, and Ultramodern Influences into the Mainstream. Graphic design trends 2020 are quite inspiring and rewarding for the graphic designers. The designers are also trying to discover the unexplored segments with the likes of AR and 3D. Last, but not the least, this paper has set up the stage, now it is time for you to delve into the guts of Design Trends.

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