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Microservices Testing Through Marvel 360° Framework

A Microservice is a loosely coupled and fine-grained distributed service. The reason for this architecture to evolve are mainly scalability issues associated with monolithic architectures, where some of the functions can be more than 100,000 lines of code. Migrating to Microservices poses a lot of challenges viz increased testing efforts, increased integration testing, and increased nonfunctional testing efforts.

Marvel 360° Automation framework caters Functional & Non-Functional testing for any services like Micro-Services & Rest APIs. This is a scriptless framework and hence any manual tester or business user can use it. This whitepaper aims at providing a single solution for functional end-to-end load performance, security & contract testing for Microservices apart from Rest services for migration or new development projects. Download this whitepaper to know how.

Download the Whitepaper