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Multi-channel test automation on VoIP phone

With the expansion of features and advancement of IP phones, the testing landscape of IP phones devices and applications has rapidly increased. E.g. Smart applications support with the audio-video conference capabilities and user-friendly professional meetings features are being provided. Multi-channel scenarios, e.g. operation to be done on the web & mobile applications in sequence, are being provided. Also considering the vast eco-system of IP phones involving various models, the test regression cycle needs to be run across many models to ensure consistency of the product functionality.

Hence, there is a need for an automation solution for the IP phone and its applications testing to accelerate the testing and coverage across multiple models. The present paper provides an insight into the challenges being faced during the automation of the testing of the VoIP phone devices and the way Optimus SmarTest automation framework can be used for the automation of the test cases of the IP phone uses cases and the complex scenarios involving multiple channels involved in the teleconference. The solution provides the test automation approach that is easy to implement through the set of keywords readily available to the implementer and does not need a tester to have automation skills necessarily. The details of the Optimus SmarTest architectural details have been provided along with the sample test cases that have been automated during a pilot project using the Optimus SmarTest framework.

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