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Power Management

Power Management is one of the important, crucial/critical component in modern electronics field/device(s). We all know that electronic circuits are dissipating power during power up state (power dissipation is due to thermal effect of the solid state devices and this is natural phenomena for any solid state device. Due to thermal effect electronic devices draw more power, this leads to operating cost, lifetime of device, downing the battery power with in quick turnaround time etc.). Sometimes devices/components may fail their functionality or spoils the component or whole device. So it is a must to follow a strategic plan to manage the power in electronic circuits/components/devices. To manage power proper, we need to keep the devices in low power/sleep states/modes like partial ready, low-power, semi-conscious, suspend-to-ram (deep-sleep), suspend-to-disk(Hibernation) etc. In these days almost every vendor is designing the low power supported IC's / Components to support for low power device designs. Also all electronic product companies are making their products cost effective design with supporting low power modes to save the power consumption and life-time of the product. To design such reliable, cost effective product developers are need to follow the proper power-management like powering off various parts of the device whenever it is not in running/using state especially in multi-functional devices. For that, all product companies are need to follow some strategic plans for component level, Board level, product level, operating system level power management. This power management white paper tries to explain some of the few points of power management.

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