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Process Technology Transfer - Assembly Labelling and Packaging to CMOs

The objective of this report is to ensure the successful dissemination of technical information for the assembly, labeling, and packaging engineering of commercial finished goods (FGs) to be manufactured at the global CMOs sites. Technology transfer to the CMO requires transfer of information in a planned and sequential approach involving good manufacturing practice documented instructions or procedures prepared mostly by the members of the Packaging Engineering team. This is the team that works with products such as Medical Devices, Vials etc., and have extensive knowledge on all aspects covering packaging production at the CMO sites and Quality Management System pertaining to the CMO process.

During the production life cycle of labeling and packaging of Vials / Devices, the packaging engineering input requirements needs to be transferred in the form of the technical transfer process to the CMO. Technology transfers usually take place from a pharma or biotech company to a CMO for outsourcing manufacturing activities. This white paper discusses the various aspects of packaging production at CMO Download whitepaper to continue reading.

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