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Reference implementation for software defined storage platform

The pervasion of technology in our day-to-day life is no longer superficial, rather, it is deeply entrenched in our everyday life in the form of Internet. As per the recent Gartner reports (November 2019), Cloud computing’s market share will be a $266.4 billion USD in 2020. It is expected to reach to $354.6 billion USD by 2022. This will be a sharp 81% jump compared to $196.7 billion in 2018.  A data center providing solutions, that caters to the gargantuan appetite of Cloud Computing, is the need of the hour. The Storage must be dynamic, in resonance with the workloads. The solution must be flexible to scale up/down based on the workload needs and manage the different configurations.  Traditional storage suffers from the limitations of creating silos of resources and vendor-lock in. Recent improvements like hyper converged Storage allows the aggregation of resources but gave the best performance for pre-configured workloads. Dynamically changing workloads are not handled, as storage addition, also needed compute addition to maintain the QoS. Composable Storage provides the software defined intelligence to give the fluidity of the resources involved. The proposed whitepaper is to showcase a reference implementation on software-based solution. It shall provide a reference platform to showcase

(i) Adoption of NVMe based SSDs in Ceph in Software Defined Storage infrastructure for cloud deployments (ii) Scale out using NVMe Over Fabrics to provide the flexibility and scalability to handle IOPS intensive workloads.

(iii)Enabling different workloads for characterization & baselining of metrics

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