The industry expects to have more than 36 billion IoT endpoints in the enterprises and automotive segments by 2021. Most of the organizations are optimistic about IoT’s industry growth but acknowledge the challenges and concerns it brings for the entire ecosystem as well as end customers. Time, cost, and quality of IoT solutions deployment and maintenance have been the key challenges in expediting the IoT growth in multiple industry verticals. The complex mix of devices, connectivity, platforms, scale, target industry verticals use-cases, and ecosystem players constitute the deployment very complex & challenging. Prior segmentation and separation of different solutions require to converge onto a single enterprise communication infrastructure. The network selection & deployment process will differ in each of the vertical markets.

Today, the focus is more on IoT solution stabilization and scalability. Software Professionals design & develop these solutions in isolation without understanding the complexities of on-field deployment. The focus is required to standardize the IoT solution roll-out process along with the alignment of industry best practices to mitigate existing deployment challenges. Download whitepaper to know more.