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Solving “Digital-Twin” Cube Puzzle Using fundamental Building block

In a nutshell, this paper provides a comprehensive approach into building a Digital Twin but also focusses on the very need of how we stich the fundamental blocks together that enables the Digital Twin across the lifecycle of a product. These fundamental building blocks are a very existential need in every twin scenario for all companies to consider in their journey towards Digital Transformation. The building blocks are interdependent to stich a story and makes existence of a Twin irrelevant with the cohabitation of all the key elements of a twin.

To summarize, the definition, delivery and benefit of a Digital Twin can be realized by having a driving Use Case which is supported effectively by Data that is associated with it to prove the use case and a robust model that will enable a Digital Twin to deliver the realization of a Use Case to drive business to extract benefit of such an exercise. It is thus very critical to carefully understand the need for a Digital Twin from the various facets that we have covered that will make a Business Model to be effective and efficient that drives a Digital transformation taking the business in line with their vision.

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