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State of security

By 2021, it is expected that the world will be highly digitized and connected. There will be number of super intelligent machines which will be part of our everyday lives. We can expect that the cybersecurity challenge will also evolve, and it will alter the workforce capacity and capability.  Each device, each endpoint cam be converted into a potential point of entry into the larger enterprise network. So, what new should happen in security to stay ahead and minimize attacks with the advent of new technologies.

Cybersecurity requires a holistic management; security must be implemented in every part of the systems and devices, but companies must be prepared for new types of threats as well which may arise with sophisticated technologies.Different sectors, such as defense, banking, health, criminal justice, retail and manufacturing, will be targeted by different threat actors. For example, if your organization is in the medical research sector, the organized attacker would be more interested in gaining access to your data, than to sting you with a ransomware attack. Industry is selling the latest products, services and solutions and governments are coming up with regulations to safeguard organizations,but still threats and vulnerabilities exist in products and newer attacks takes place everywhere around us.

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