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Typography Trends for 2020

This paper zeroes in the importance of the modern typographic trends, which help the graphic designers in creating astonishing design solutions. So, what is Typography? Typography is a technique that makes your copy readable and aesthetically appealing to the UX and non-UX fraternity. Typography is an enormous player in design. Various colors bring up various emotions, different fonts elicit different attitudes. Serif fonts are contemporary, smooth, and clean. On the other hand, sans-serif fonts are more conventional and formal. 2020 is all about, thick, boldface, and translucent fonts.

Last year, classic fonts became a runaway success and bold typefaces were also trending. The typography trends you come across can have an effect on making up one’s mind. As a matter of fact, the text we read in an advertisement persuades us to buy something, the font we read on a visiting card tempts us to check out URL of the company, and the typeface on a placard tempts us to attend an event.

This paper discusses about the top 20 typographic trends, which are likely to play a huge role in branding. The typographic trends discussed in this paper are: Evolving Script Fonts, Quirky, Imaginative Masking, Font Pairings, Extra Loud Bold Fonts, Layering Text With Other Elements, Hand Lettering, Bold & Beautiful Gradients, High Contrast Serif Fonts, Contrasting Font Combinations, Custom Everything, Minimal Sans Serif Fonts, Nostalgic Vintage Fonts, Attention-grabbing Outline Text, Highlighted Type, Geometric Typefaces, Messy, Variable Fonts, Overdone Type, Experimental Display of Typography. So, let us roll our sleeves and dig-in.

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