Research predicts an urgent need for upskilling and retraining of resources. It faces a glaring need for IT experts, and by 2022, the country will need an estimated 87,000 developers and 25,000 ICT workers. These concerns and increasing expectations from IT service partners to add value make it imperative to retrain our employees to make sure they can keep up. Retraining current talent to match the agility of new innovations, technologies and ways of working works better with the company’s bottom line than hiring a completely new workforce of talent from the bottom up.

The objective of this study titled "Future Trends and Requirements in Educating and Re-Educating the Workforce in the Financial Industry" was to examine how financial firms transform in the light of the outlined market and technology developments. More precisely, what measures do financial firms take regarding their workforces to meet changing customer expectations, to adopt new technologies, and to stay competitive in the market.