The GDPR data protection regulation should come as no surprise considering the amount of consumer data that companies process globally is increasing exponentially. This is directly a result of the growth of digital enterprises, and cloud based storage solutions. These offerings from global IT Vendors are significant as they are made to retail businesses who manage and store their consumer data. Consequently, the EU general data protection regulation has been eagerly anticipated by controllers internationally in Europe and beyond, with Asia likely to follow suit in adopting equivalent standards in addition to the US.

With the explosion of Social Media and on line channels for business from global companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and AWS managing ever larger volumes of personal data, tighter regulation to reflect the changing landscape was a natural evolution.

This GDPR whitepaper has been written to assist our clients and ourselves to understand the most effective techniques to achieve GDPR compliance. It is not possible to detail the many variations in an implementation strategy here however, it is possible in partnership with other vendors and service providers like Microsoft to create a solution that will help bring customers closer to being 100% GDPR compliant.