Investment Risks: 2020 Investment Outlook for Financial Services | HCL Whitepaper


Looking into the year ahead, the common themes from 2019 still remain.

Investment experts think it’s prudent to rely on hard data rather than headlines and in hindsight we know that 2019’s fears of recession were overplayed. For example in the UK business sentiment and investors were weighed down by Political uncertainty of the outcome of Brexit and continued delays to the UK governments plans to deliver its mandate by opposition parties. In the end the Conservative party’s majority win in the December general elections proved to placate fears of business and helped to stabilise the UK economy and to accelerate investment outcomes previously at risk. Similarly in the U.S. despite the Trade War with China and Presidential threats of impeachment, the economy has been performing well with record employment levels.

Investment risks from Geopolitical, Regulatory and Macroeconomic factors in play during 2019 will continue to play a role in 2020.